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This free astrology software does the most accurate jathaga kattam to identify the unique placements of planets at that specific time on a specific place. After capturing the planetary placements and prepares the rasi chart.

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  • Tamil astrology online, Astrology in Tamil, Jothidam, Josiyam.
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  • Tamil astrology online, Astrology in Tamil, Jothidam, Josiyam;

The software analyses and interprets these positionings to prepare your detailed jathagam report. LifeSign Mini free Tamil jathagam software helps you avoid manual Jathagam kattam mistakes and guarantees an accurate jathagam.

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Using the upgrade version of Lifesign Mini free jathagam software - you can generate a more detailed jathagam report including complete jathagam kattam and predictions, favourable periods for career, marriage, house construction, business etc, remedies and recommendation for doshas, transit predictions etc.

This premium version is ideal for astrology business use. Customer Reviews Average Rating: 4. Write Review. Posted: 13 September Posted: 18 August Posted: 15 April Posted: 26 March Posted: 26 February Posted: 19 January Posted: 28 November Posted: 26 November Posted: 24 November Posted: 19 November Posted: 12 October Posted: 07 October Posted: 11 August Posted: 07 August Posted: 04 June Posted: 22 May Posted: 22 March Posted: 19 March Astrology Birth Charts is representation of Planetary Positions at birth time.

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Ascendant Lagnam : Sagittarius - Dhanusu. To plot Astrology Birth Chart exact date of birth, time of birth and place of birth is required.

Free Tamil Astrology Software. Also available in various other languages.

A typical birth chart will show Ascendant, Rasi, corresponding Janma Nakshatra. Astrology is the scientific study and application of language of the heavenly bodies.

These heavenly bodies determined on the basis of Astronomy and mathematics, are mapped in the form of Birth Chart called as Horoscope. Their specific locations in the horoscope indicate specific happenings in the case of individuals. Vedic Astrology is based on a very sound understanding of astronomy. In ancient India, astronomy was a highly developed subject. Knowledge of astronomy was considered essential for an astrologer.

Tamil Astrology

Birth Chart or Horoscope has four major elements. Signs: The first element of Astrology or Birth Chart is signs, Birth Chart is divided in to Zodiac, each zodiac occupies 30 degrees from o degree to degree. Zodiac is divided into twelve equal parts, each such part has an extension of 30 degrees of the arc.