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With the help of her advice and remedy I hold the post of Relationship Manager currently. She is a genuine person by heart and undoubtedly expert in Career related astrology. Thank you again Madam The remedy you have given me is just perfect. I highly appreciate the help you have provided for my family. Thanks a lot. In stead of praising her great virtuous work some people has trying to defame her.

I have been seeing this a lot in social media. I request you all to stop such things as those creates confusion to them who really needs help unlike you guys. She treats everyone equally and she she is so ground to earth despite of all her fame. She helped me with my career related problem and guiding me till date. My cordial respect to you didi. A lot of people have an interest in astrology and horoscope. In fact, marriage prediction astrology is hugely popular in India. It is better to get in touch with a reliable astrologer who will guide your way through several problems. All you have to do is to fill up the required form mentioning your specific details.

The famous astrologers close to your location will get in touch with you at the earliest. Which are the different kinds of Astrology available? Some people want horoscope reading while some are interested in palmistry.

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Some are keen on Vedic astrology while to some, Black Magic intrigues. There are various branches of astrology such as Tarot Reading, Gemmology, Face reading, etc. You will easily find the kind of astrologer you want from the list of verified astrologers at Sulekha. Some people want face to face interaction with an astrologer while some are fine with a telephonic conversation.


These days, astrology online has also become very popular. In this, you can get predictions for yourself across the online media. Different rates are charged by different astrologers. The rates are also determined by the mode of consultation you choose.

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People get in touch with astrologers for a wide range of reasons. So, whatever be your area of concern, you can ask the astrologer questions relating to the same. The money which you pay for astrological consultations depends on the popularity of an astrologer and the time for which you take the consultation. Usually, higher rates are charged by famous astrologers but this does not mean that people who charge less offer less accurate predictions.

You can take the help of astrologers who are listed at Sulekha and they will provide you with a dependable answer to your all problems. The personal details of the candidate are required for astrological consultations. This includes the time of birth, date of birth, place of birth and current city.

Consulting an astrologer comes with a lot of advantages: Offers peace of mind Provides you right direction in life Helps in making decisions It is a scientific study of planets and will help you resolve several issues in life Marriage astrology helps in finding the right partner in life. All you need to do is fill the form and get the contact of trusted astrologers in your area.

You can check out the type of astrology offered by each and decide the most suitable one for your needs. So go ahead and know your future with the best Astrologers in Kolkata listed at Sulekha. All you need to know about Astrology and its elements Ever wondered how astrology works? In a nutshell, Astrology studies the influence of movements and positions of celestial bodies like sun, moon, and planets on human lives through zodiac signs.

Astrologers determine horoscope using birth chart which is derived using birth time, date and place of birth. The position of the sun, moon, stars, and planets during the birth time affects and influences the behavioral, financial and emotional fortunes of an individual. Over the years, astrologers have gained a lot of popularity among the masses. Are you planning to visit a Famous astrologer in Kolkata anytime soon?

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Here is everything you need to know before you consult an astrologer. Based on the complexity of the issue and their belief, people opt for one of the below mentioned astrology forms. Professional astrologers in Kolkata mostly specialize and practice various astrology forms such as: Horoscope reading Palmistry Nadi astrology Numerology Tarot reading Gemology Face reading Crystal ball reading Chinese astrology, Vedic astrology, and Tibetan astrology are well known forms of astrology practiced in eastern cultures.

Benefits of consulting an astrologer: Astrology is an ancient tradition that is said to be very beneficial for mankind. Here are a bunch of reasons to convince you to give astrology services a try! Gives insight into future events Determine your life path Check relationship compatibility What are the things to keep in mind before booking a consultation with an astrologer? You would come across thousands of professional astrologers in Kolkata. Before you narrow down to one astrologer among the shortlisted service providers, here are few things to consider: Total-experience in astrology Specialization in Astrology types Provides accurate and insightful forecast Offers practical solutions to overcome any difficulties Whether the astrologer charges nominally Consultation time for each individual Customer reviews and ratings about their experience with the astrologer How can Sulekha help you in finding the best astrologers near you?

Sulekha helps users to easily connect with the best professional service providers for all your local needs. Sulekha experts will analyze your requirements and filter out the best 3 astrologers in Kolkata that suit your needs. The best 3 astrologers in Kolkata would get in touch with you and you can further discuss your requirements in detail.

Stop wondering and get answers to all your questions by getting in touch with an expert now!

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Find Professional Astrologers in Kolkata through Sulekha Astrology refers to the study of the control and effect of planets and stars on human lives. Astrologers are the knowledgeable persons who study and understand the positions and influence of the cosmic objects planet in the individual's birth chart. With the help of correct time, place, and date of birth of an individual, Astrologist prepares the horoscope. Astrologists study the position as well as the movements of those planets and their effect on the life of the individual.

At Sulekha, we connect you with more than nine hundred thirty verified and knowledgeable Astrologers in Kolkata.

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If you wish to get the insights of your future from an experienced astrologer, fill the above form. The famous astrologers from your area would contact you. You can compare their services, specialization, and feedback. It is an ideal way of choosing the right astrologer who can understand your concern and provide a solution to your problem.

FAQ Q. What type of services are offered by the Astrologers? You are going to start the Shani mahadasha on 2nd October so it is better to wear the stone before that date. My DOB is , time: 2. I have also been advised to wear a pitambari neelam from this year. Please advice on the same. Also if you know the best place from where I can procure the same. Your Jupiter is placed in the 9th house and exalted in Karka rashi but is having the full malefic drishti of Mangal and Sun — hence it is powerless and weak.

It becomes a badhak for — Wealth,Property,land,Investments,stable married life, increased earnings,growth and prosperity. It will thus delay giving full effect of the same and may lead to ill health also. In Summary, we see that Jupiter is Weak due to aspect and Saturn is malefic due to it being in a shatru rashi. You are also going through the Sade Sati of Shani.

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Give such a positive effect as a Pitambari It will mitigate the bad effects of Shani and bring forward the good effects of Jupiter. Respected sir My self Rajdeep Das dob And when i will be father. Should i wear south sea pearl Olease please pls help me out and from where i should buy.

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  • Since both your Saturn and Jupiter are in the same house — a Pitambari Neelam is definately the right stone for you. Also more so since you are going through the Mahadasha of Saturn with antardasha of Jupiter. You should get the same made in an ashtadhatu Ring to be worne in the middle finger of Right hand on a Thursday morning.