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The year-old singer also seems to break every social media platform. His posts on Twitter and Weverse caused both apps to crash. Jungkook also breaks musical records, and recently the BTS member broke a Billboard record. On Aug. As a result, Jungkook became the longest-charting solo male K-Pop idol on the chart. On his birthday, Jungkook thanked his fans for their support on Weverse. In his post, he hinted that he would release something later that day. I want to give you something else as a thank you.

A few hours later, Jungkook posted a selfie thanking fans and then uploaded a video clip. However, he re-recorded it in a slightly more pop vein as a solo artist. The guitar solo is played by Steve Jones of the Sex Pistols. Some believe the song is about masturbation, but Billy Idol has confirmed it is literally about dancing on your own. Either way it is a party and sports event staple. The fusion of hip-hop and pop in Flo Rida's smash debut hit, " Low ," sounds effortless.

The song expresses appreciation for a stripper's dance, but for most listeners it is simply the ultra-catchy, danceable sound that draws them in. Next thing you know, everyone in the room will be singing along.

Top 20 Song Chart for February 22, 1964

Originally popular as a college radio and alternative club hit in the early s, the Violent Femmes' " Blister in the Sun " spread to a larger audience when included on the soundtrack to the movie "Grosse Pointe Blank. The Grammy Award—winning top 10 pop hit "Bust a Move" helped introduce mainstream pop audiences to hip-hop. Breakthrough hit " Wild Thing " by rapper Tone Loc is built around a euphemism for sex. It landed at No.

The song singlehandedly brought conga lines back to prominence at party celebrations of all kinds. Although the instrumental track " Step " sounds futuristic, it is rooted in s electro. The song was Ciara's second consecutive platinum single kicking off her career. Her invitation may be just what is needed to get everyone on the dance floor. It is loaded with electronic effects that lend a slightly futuristic feel to the recording.

The "Funkytown" in question is New York City. Songwriter Steven Greenberg wrote the song when he was bored with his home city of Minneapolis and dreaming about a better place. Alicia Bridges' disco hit has an elegant, sophisticated sound that fits the nightlife theme perfectly.

Following its original No. First, was included in a key dance scene for the hit movie "Love at First Bite. Van Morrison's first solo hit single reached only No. The song is about sex, youth, and growing up, which makes it a perfect party song.

50 Cent - In Da Club (Int'l Version) [Official Video]

It then gained new fame for its use in a scene in the movie "Pee Wee's Big Adventure. There is a celebratory, party tone to the invitation to dance, but something darker lurks in portions of the song's lyrics. Few songs successfully integrate elements of country, rock, and rap, but that is exactly what Big and Rich did with " Save a Horse Ride a Cowboy ," which brought them to the attention of a wide range of audiences. The song's reputation began to build as it was used in a variety of commercials and sports event soundtracks. Now it is a "go to" choice for a rousing special event singalong.

For more than a year this was one of the most popular special event songs in the United States.

It still works well as a charming party song encouraging everyone to join in on the simple dance. Nelly's third hit single was his biggest yet, going all the way to No. The laid-back, pop-influenced melody helped make this a crowd-pleasing party hit. It hit No. The song crossed over to pop audiences as well and is a special event favorite. Originally written and recorded by Neil Diamond, " Red Red Wine " didn't become a pop and party classic until recorded by the reggae band UB It is an ode to red wine's power to help one forget the romantic pain of lost love.

The song itself is perfect for a lilting reggae dance and singalong.

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Reportedly, the " Chicken Dance " dates back to the s. Today it is ubiquitous at weddings and anniversary celebrations. The dance has been popular in the United States since at least the s. Motley Crue's Vince Neil served as the grand marshal of the world's largest chicken dance at the Cincinnati Oktoberfest in There is clearly a party going on here.

The song that launched Sly and the Family Stone into mainstream pop consciousness is still a potent party track.

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They will not be satisfied until you get up and "Dance to the Music. It was a predecessor to both garage rock and punk. The sexy, flirtatious, slightly leering lyrics made it a popular party singalong as well. Surf guitar is clearly present, but it is the drum track on the instrumental classic " Wipe Out " that is the most memorable. The Surfaris went clear to No. At its heart, " Hey Ya! It is difficult to understand exactly how a disco song that celebrates men hanging out with men at the YMCA turned into an all-purpose massive crowd celebratory singalong, but that is what happened to the Village People's hit single "YMCA.

Tommy James has stated in interviews that " Mony Mony " emerged out of a deliberate effort to create a "party rock" song. He hit the bullseye with his creation. The title of the song came from desperate efforts to come up with a name or word that was two syllables and made sense in the song. The original version of "Mony Mony" went to No. Tommy James succeeded in creating one of the most successful party rock songs of all time.

Deee-Lite had only one major pop hit, but "Groove Is in the Heart is a monster.

The whole package is a delightfully groovy party and dance hit. The girl who brushes her teeth "with a bottle of Jack" must truly be a serious party girl. The song is used frequently as walk-up music by major league baseball athletes. The origin of the line, " Whoomp!

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There it is! The song was later used frequently at sports events to announce scoring successes. The song reached No. Lady Gaga's first hit, " Just Dance ," is still her best party song. In a nutshell it's all about what it feels like to have a few too many and lose yourself to the music and the atmosphere. You have no choice but to "just dance. Take a straightforward pop-friendly hip-hop mix, add a chorus about getting naked in the club, and out comes an instant party classic.

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Never mind that the spaceship in the video looks like a massive sex toy; that party looks like a lot of fun. This Quad City DJs hit remains a durable favorite. The annual Village Voice survey of music critics named this the top single of Featuring Keri Hilson and rapper D. The song went to No. Prince put together the party song to end a millennium, and it was released 16 years ahead of time in There is a distinct air of apocalypse in the song, but Prince's best advice to cope with those fears is partying like it is " Kelly put together the perfect laid-back weekend party jam here.

He cleverly announces that it is the remix of the song " Ignition ," just in case you hadn't noticed. If you want to know what will happen when you party with R.

Cher's Official Top 20 biggest selling downloads revealed

Kelly, he lays it all out here. The basic melody is a simple repeated three-note structure underlying the repeated word "Yeah! Punk and disco collided on this classic song. Blondie freely admit that disco was not a positive thing in the opinions of those in the circles they traveled in, and the song was recorded partly to annoy people.

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There are few parties more grand than a royal wedding. The group also performed the song at the wedding reception. What he came up with is a funk, pop, and new wave blend that remains a top party hit. Originally, the Beastie Boys intended " Fight for Your Right " as a joke poking fun at mindless rock songs of the time.

That point of view was enhanced by a hilarious music video. Despite the attempt at being ironic, the Beastie Boys became heroes to hordes of partying college students. The towering Rick Rubin production makes the song a party essential long after its initial release. However, this line dance quickly spread well beyond the boundaries of advertising. It is now a staple for weddings, major league baseball games, and any special event party in between.

The song was also influenced by the Archies' classic "Sugar, Sugar" with its repeated lines of, "Pour a little sugar. It has remained a signature song for Def Leppard and one likely to generate singalong hysteria in nearly any environment where it is played. The Fairbrass brothers had a No. The easy, singalong chorus will encourage party revelers to show just how sexy they are.