Eaquarius y aquarius son compatibles

An Aquarius mom's highest priorities for her children are independence, intellectual development, and self-reliance. How that works for an individual child and how she might have to modify what comes most natural to her in order to give her child a positive sense of " self " is partially seen in mother and child sun sign compatibility. An Aquarius mom is non-intrusive, respectful of differences, and gives her children the personal space they need to develop into separate, self-sufficient individuals. She's an intellectually curious and patient mom who relishes those times with her child when they're learning something exciting together.

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An Aquarian mom's most significant challenges are in finding the right balance between honoring her independent nature and being a source of consistency in her child's life, and in going overboard with treating her kids like peers or equals. An Aquarius mom will certainly like that her Aries child directly expresses his thoughts, and she'll also appreciate his independence. An Aries child can't tolerate being told what to do or what to think. An Aquarius mom is non-directive. All will be well as long as mom remembers that everything is good in moderation.

Aquarian moms are not fond of strict discipline, but the mom must make every effort to prevent her courageous and reckless, self-willed child from going too far. An Aries child needs to learn to be assertive while not hurting himself or offending anyone. It's best for mom to use friendly persuasion to teach him how to behave.

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An Aquarius mom is drawn to unusual people and experiences, while her mellow, affectionate Taurus child is most attracted to ease and familiarity. She'll be resistant to any of mom's efforts to push her out of her comfort zone. A Taurus child is as physically stubborn as his Aquarius mom is mentally stubborn, and she won't budge until she's ready. Mom should keep in mind that it's not because her Taurus child is fearful that she's so resistant; she's just not a particularly curious child and is slow to move on to something new until she sees something in it for her.

An Aquarius mom will find it easier if she relies on her innate "live and let live" approach with her slow moving, stubborn Taurus child. Like his Aquarius mom, a Gemini child is bright, has an endless curiosity about the world, loves being out and about talking to other people and is drawn to everything new and different.

Both are students of life and capable of brilliant ideas. However, mom has greater focus; her Gemini child has so many interests, it can be difficult for him to focus on any one thing.

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An Aquarius mom will gleefully push her Gemini child out into the world, give him the freedom he needs to explore, willingly answer all his questions and discuss things with him, and will be a favorite of all his friends. They love to adventure and try new things all of the time, but all of that changes once he becomes a father. Aquarius father will still be playful and full of life, but he will direct this energy towards his family instead of towards the club.

This man completely changes once he is a father, but he changes for the better. Aquarius men are usually highly independent. They worry about themselves, and not much else. They try to accomplish their own life goals and travel around as much as possible. Once the Aquarius father meets the right person, he may settle down or take him or her on his travels.

Once he becomes a father, though, everything changes. He will stop focusing so much on himself and pour his whole life into his children. Aquarius dad wants to make sure that his family is as happy as possible. He will be totally unselfish so that he can give his family the life they deserve. The Aquarius father cares deeply about his family, and especially about his children. He will do whatever he can to make sure that they are safe at all times.

If anyone ever hurts his child, they will live to regret it. At times this dad might seem a little over-protective, but he is only doing what he thinks he has to to keep his family, and most importantly his children, safe. Aquarius men are very easy going people. They love to talk to people and show them a good time. This part of his personality does not change when he becomes a father.

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Aquarius Father Traits: Personality and Characteristics of Aquarius Dad

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