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October 09 Mathematics teachers don't usually want to see only an answer on a test or exam paper. They prefer to see how the answer was arrived at and with step-by-step methodology applied. Wouldn't it be helpful if all answers could be found by applying specific formulae that, if done correctly, would guarantee, without fail, the correct answer?

Sometimes, our intuition can be one step ahead of us in a similar way. Trust yours to come up with a solution or way forward for you. October 10 We're encouraged constantly to open up to others and share thoughts, feelings, and all that resides in the deepest recesses of our minds. But who really wants to know everything we think and feel? Probably nobody. That confirms there are limits to how much anyone expects us to reveal to them.

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If you must speak your mind or from the heart, then don't feel obliged to release an avalanche of secrets. They're yours and don't need to emerge, especially if pressure from someone plays a large part in doing so. Uranus returns to your sign March 6th as the Full Moon rises. You rise to the occasion, accepting your friends as they are, and offering stabling influence and heartfelt advice. Springtime is your time to look at finances, especially anything you have tied to another. Revisit investments and be confident that all intentions are of the highest and best. Allow your thinking to expand, especially if you or someone else has become complacent.

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Change is good, like the Spring showers it seems to come of its own free; afterward we welcome the new growth. Summer brings fond memories of lost love, childhood, and perhaps reunions with long-lost but not forgotten friends. The air signs have mental thought forms and insights that are filled with logic and clarity.

Regardless of which sign your astrological sun sign is in, it's really the three outer or transpersonal planets Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto that give psychic powers. If one of these planets is in aspect to your sun, moon, personal planets, or is in some way prominent in your horoscope, you have great potential for psychic abilities. If Uranus the planetary ruler of Aquarius is prominent, information and impressions are quickly processed.

If the soul is more evolved, Uranus can connect them with the Akashic Records , and they can have clear clairvoyant vision. If Neptune planetary ruler of Pisces is prominent in a horoscope, it can indicate psychic skills that include: clairvoyance, seeing auras, crystal gazing, dowsing, omen reading, and telepathy. It also indicates an empathic individual who can merge with others, feel their pain, know what they're feeling, and see their past and future.

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If Pluto planetary ruler of Scorpio is prominent in a horoscope, it gives the psychic skills of x-ray vision, telekinesis , the ability to see the past lives one's own and others , and to retrieve memories of buried traumas past life and present. Pluto speaks of mediumistic abilities such as ghost channeling and communicating with the dead. The movement of a planet in the sky is called a transit. Air people have a special gift for language; ideas, inspirations and messages can be readily understood by them and translated into a language comprehended by large numbers of people.

Mercury and Uranus have an affinity with the Air signs. If one is rising or powerfully placed in your birth chart you may demonstrate Air-like qualities, even if you are predominantly a Fire, Earth or Water type. Water engulfs, surrounds and cools. It can change its shape and form, being heated to form steam and frozen solid to form ice. Water can gently or aggressively remould the coastline of a continent. Water signs are generally highly receptive to the suffering of others, provided they keep their emotions in check.

Water is a good conductor of electricity. Through Water, thought waves can break barriers of time and space. Water transcends logic and conscious thought and taps directly into the subconscious. Unaware Water people can soak up physical and mental vibrations from others, sometimes in sympathy and sometimes as a psychic 'sponge'. Has it occurred to the Water person that their backache or depressed mental state may belong to someone else?

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If the difficulty is yours, deal with it. If not, help out, but don't feel obliged to wear it. The Moon and Neptune have an affinity with Water signs. If one is rising or powerfully placed in your birth horoscope, you may demonstrate Water-like qualities, even if you are predominantly a Fire, Earth or Air type. Studies of the complete horoscopes of most physically gifted people produce the following consistencies.

Most psychics have five of the following six patterns in their birth horoscopes.. In other words, the psychically gifted person will demonstrate a sensitive reception and the ability to channel power in an unusual manner. The great psychics are motivated by love. In recognising their gift, they recognise their responsibility to help and uplift others as a greater priority than indulging their own egos.

The repetition of the strongly placed Saturn in the charts was surprising, although on consideration, logical. The controlling factor is essential, otherwise sensitivity and excess power without discipline, could result in nervous or mental instability.

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Highly sensitive people who do not have the benefit of a strongly placed Saturn would be wise to include 'grounding' in their lives through earthy people, earthy foods and lifestyle, exercise, the natural environment, gardening and of course pets to neutralise and balance negativity. It is very common to be attracted to partners who provide the Fire, Earth, Air or Water energies you lack.

Whilst not medically qualified, he did health readings for a large number of people in a trance state -- providing extraordinary information on illnesses and natural remedies to assist and sometimes cure the ailment. The sensitivity of Pisces is grounded through the strong Earth factor. Saturn's conjunction to Mercury and Venus suggests tremendous channelling ability, but also many sacrifices. Cayce's Signature sign was Taurus. Cayce had the Fire sign Leo on the Ascendant conjunction to Uranus, depicting his spark of inspiration and the ability to inspire others.

The Leo Ascendant was square 90 degrees to Pluto and sesquiquadrate degrees to Mars, demonstrating the enormous power at his disposal. On February 11, at the age of 14 in a small grotto near a spring, Bernadette had a religious vision of the Mother Mary. This and subsequent visions created such controversy within the Church that it was years before they were officially acknowledged. The grotto spring now attracts masses of people to drink its healing waters and attend the church erected nearby. I happened to wander into this valley in Lourdes when a pilgrimage was taking place.