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The Sag woman found me and I found the Aires. I am very very attracted to the both of them. I knew the Aries woman for several month before I started going after her. I found out that the Sag woman was eyeballing me for several months before she put the moves on me. I have always wanted to meet and date an Aries woman. I have read so much about the compatibility between us. All my previous relationships have been with Tauruses. But this Sag woman has got her personal life together more than this Aries woman.

I am so confused right now on what direction to go in. Like I said before I find them very attractive all around. But that one thing with their personal life. I am thinking I should just walk away before I hurt someone that I think very highly of… Any incite or advise would be greatly appreciated. Hey well I am a Sag girl and my ex was also a sag we were together for a year and a month.

Why Sagittarius Men & Sagittarius Women Are Hard To Tie Down [The Sagittarius Personality]

Honestly we were so perfect for each other. We knew each other minds and we were extremely comfortable with each other. He was a complete sweetheart, gentleman and lover however he can be a liar and extremely sensitive, vain and mean at times. But to all you SAG- SAG couples go for it because it is an amazing journey that you would not want to miss out on and a experience that you would never forget. Hmm… pretty decent. But my ex boyfriend and me were way more intense that I would ever had imagined. He helped me through everything as I helped him.

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We did it to each other. It was the kind of sweet love where I loved to see him look at me, and he loved the way I looked at him. Our love was unconditional.

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  4. And I moved away. He is still my best friend. I can count on him to make me happy. He would be vain and I could sense his lies. But I never accused him.

    Sagittarius and Sagittarius Love Compatibility -

    Nobody will have me the way he had me. Not in a million years. It is very giving of you to take care of your grandmother and auntie. I hope love finds you again soon and that this is a lifelong interest you will have in astrology. You should let me do your chart sometime. We had Alot of fun with eachother.

    The sex was amazing!!! There was no holding back with us. However, we faught waaaay too much. And it got physical. Also I found that we were both financially irresponsible and always spending money on partying.

    It was overall fun— but we were too much alike, there was no balance….. To Jim posted in AUg: I am a sag woman and have always wanted to date an aries also bc ive heard about our compatibility. I know an aries who is 1 of my best friends ever and he is 1 of the most amazing funnest best people ive ever met. But if you say your aries has personal problems then i think you should let her sort them out.

    Go for the sag girl who has her personal life under control. So my story is im 21 and started my 1st real serious relationship intimate and longer than 6mos, when I was He does cope with bi-polar and that affects his personality i guess, but i will say that when he wasnt depressed and at his best levels of himself he was a star athlete in our area, posessed an over EXTREME love for animals, and was very smart and curious.

    What Is the Best Match for a Sagittarius?

    His negative qualities were that he stayed in doors A LOT. Was very malicious immature and spiteful as anything when he felt attacked. Hostile also, and NOT openminded, which was an extreme let down that you would not expect from a sagittarius. He didnt make efforts to be involved with my friends or family or take adventures with me besides hikes with our dogs. He wouldnt try clubs or anything new at all , and hed never wana bug out with me or act a fool in public which bothered me. He was very concerned about how ppl saw him, and coped with serious social anxiety. He did get better over our relationship , and told me i got him out of his box a lot and helped him become a better more aware person.

    So how can astrology explain my sag who does not fit the description? Has anyone ever heard of this and can personality disorders affect astrological evaluations?

    What a Sagittarius Man Looks for in a Woman

    This is pathetic and juvenile. To waste our precious existence on this globe treating our most intimate relationship like a playground activity or — worse yet — as a joke? Something tells me that it takes Sagittarians a long, long time to grow the hell up. If they ever do. Do they? Your rating is spot on! Married for 5 yrs and our first major fight was 3 yrs after. With one kid in tow we were looking for a house to buy and he wanted one close to his work.

    Nothing seemed to work. We bought one close to my workplace and it was a SMART decision too because when I get home after picking up our kid it leaves me more time to cook a nice dinner. Sags can be adamant but ultimately will be fair and do the right thing! I am 24 years old and I have been married to my sag for 5 years and we started dating when iwas We seperated in august and decided to to get a divorce in at the end of the month.

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    The Best Way to get closer to Saga either woman or men is by being and build strong friendship , the next step is expose that pure , hot , amazing Passion. Am a sag guy and I meet this sag lady about 4 months ago and recently we discovered we are feelings for each other. We were so passionate about each other that we always wanted to be together. Now am confused on what to do. My sag makes me happy always!

    I think just like all of your comments say, we, too are very hot headed and ill-tempered, though looking at it, our love and passion for each other compensates our stupid fights, and the sex which is great and amazing makes it even harder to hate each other just cos of petty little quarrels and arguements. Me and my guy have been together for a while now and yes, we do argue a lot because of our debates and actions, but you know what, what is a relationship without some fun?

    I love our arguments and yes, sometimes it does make me cry, but then I remember that no matter what, he will always make me smile just for being him. I, too, can make him smile when I come into the room. Things are really bad right now when it comes to living situations, but, I love it more than anything that I have no idea where our next move is. What is so fun about knowing what is going to happen? I love him more than any man I have ever loved in my life, and I honestly can see him being the father of my kids one day.

    I am a sag in a relationship with a female sag and I must say when I first met her she swept me off my feet.

    Leo and Sagittarius Table of Contents

    We are so much alike and everything is great. Funny gorgeous sexy and smart. What more could u ask for? Im a Sag dating a Sag man. He is awesome!