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I am Pisces, My Lover is Pisces

Pisces will be happy to follow your lead as long as he or she gets enough time to him or herself. This soulful lover will never value the material world the way you do, however. Pisces are of the spirit and soul.

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Faced with a financial windfall, you would buy a painting or rare jewels; Pisces would rather pay debts, buy creative tools, and give the rest away to charity or friends in need. You could at least set up a good program of savings for his or her retirement — something Pisces rarely see as a high priority. Sexually, you will be touched by the depth of feeling you experience together, the care your Pisces takes in giving you pleasure, and the exquisite aura that will be wrapped around you.

This is one lover to have and to hold. Give it a good try.

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News You Can Use. Age of Aquarius. Table of Eclipse Dates from to Daily Horoscopes. After a while, you may begin to ask yourself if all that glitters is really golden.

I am Cancer, My Lover is Pisces

Aquarius are objective, rational, and analytical, so they will never fully understand your strongly emotional and romantic nature. In bed, Aquarius are inventive, innovative, and actually quite thrilling.

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Sooner or later, though, you may doubt that good sex alone can fuel the relationship. As your lover skips off on another quest, leaving you home alone again, you may just start packing your bags.

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If you stay together it is because you each have an equally strong need for space, and you, Pisces, have developed a healthy self-esteem from your own accomplishments. Aquarius can add to your life by explaining the mysteries of nature, science, and technology, but they may never be able to comprehend your soul.

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The Pisces Man and Sex

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