Leo february 25 astrology

They are likely to be mistrustful of social relationships. Many keep the same friends for years -- even for life. They need.

February 25 individuals have scrappy but loving relationships with family members. Problems may relate to differences of opinion but are not strong enough to cause dissension.

George Harrison: Astrological Article and Chart

As parents, they strive to give their children more than material advantages. They wish to show their youngsters life's limitless possibilities.

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February 25 individuals have a casual attitude toward keeping fit. Although they understand the need to keep their spiritual and physical energies in balance, they may lack the discipline to carry this out.

When something becomes trendy, they're likely to get involved, notably with newly chic forms of exercise and diet. People born on this date have an instinct for understanding and empathizing with the problems of others. Their sensitivity makes them ideal counselors and therapists. They aren't motivated to make a lot of money, though they often fret about financial security. February 25 people look for ways to reconcile their psychic sensitivity with common-sense goals. They are ruled by instinct and intuition yet appreciate an intellectual viewpoint.

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What you can change now are your attitudes and responses. Also, turn your attention to dreams of travel. Read: Horoscope Today in Malayalam. You would be wise to concentrate as much as you possibly can on home and family affairs.

Biography of George Harrison (excerpt)

It is essential to take every part of your life in order, and not to attempt any new worldly initiative unless you are personally happy. The last thing you want to do is get stuck in a set of problems which is none of your making.

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In other words, there could yet be something very important for you to find out.