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Install the Transits app v1. Screen shot Transits For 2 program has capability for 2 different natal dates : Transits program for your Android phone, v2.

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Transits program for your Android phone, original version , 07 February Note 1 for above: it has been reported by one user that he could not set a birth date before on his Motorola Razr phone. Apparently there is a design issue with Android phones: when you enter the date with the virtual keyboard, and click done, the date doesn't return correctly. So play around with this - the user with the Razr phone DID get it working after trying various procedures.

Note 2 for above: some users say that they have to keep setting their natal birth info. I can't reproduce this problem.

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I suspect it is because their device does not allow the saving of files in its internal memory. I can only suggest you read your owner's manual and see if you can change a setting in order to get this to work properly. Everything works properly on my Nexus 7 tablet..

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TXT , , 03 Aug Sample data listing for 1 day. I've been with Bluehost for years - I know they run all my astrology scripts just fine.

As you took your first breath, the planets continued on their tracks. As the planets continue moving, every once in a while, they come into aspect with the planetary positions on your birth chart. A moving planet can stay in aspect anywhere from a few hours up to a few years.


The moon, because she moves so fast, makes aspects only for a short hour or two. Neptune and Pluto, because they move so slowly relative motion , can stay in aspect for 2 or 3 years. Use an orb of 1 degree to consider transits but use a 2 degree orb to plan ahead! Some transits can become exact three times because of retrograde motion: the transiting planet passes over the point once, then the planet goes retrograde and backtracks over the point, then the planet goes back into direct motion and passes over the point a third time.

In summary, transits are simply aspects made by the current moving planets to our birth-chart planets.