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I'm a through and through Taurus, and I went against the fates by getting involved a Gemini. Let's just say everything went up in flames real quick. I didn't want to believe it.

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The next day, however, he shared his lunch with me. So clearly, the zodiac was wrong. Hate to say I told you so, but it worked out, astrology. As dating turned into something more than sharing milk and cookies, I realized that maybe I needed the stars to line up in order to find "the one. According to Astrology. I set out to test what the stars had destined. I wanted to see if a female Taurus could really be with a male Gemini.

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I tried to beat the astrological odds. But when the relationship failed, I looked back at the signs and realized the astrologists had a point. It's one thing to like adventures, like traveling the world. It's another thing to be curious about every human being who crosses your path.

Taurus are loyal, we love hard and we're very into commitment. I couldn't invest in someone who was curious about everyone else. I never felt completely at ease, and that's something Taurus really values in a relationship. The symbol for Gemini is twins, so you get double the trouble. I never knew which one of him I was going to get each day. There was the sweet, caring guy I loved with all my heart.

On those days, things were great. Then, there were the days when the other half of his personality was exposed.

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It was the side that was full of curiosity and totally bored with our relationship. It is a general description and a general guideline. Zodiac and horoscope are very important aspects of astrology.

Horoscope is, actually, much more from those interpretations you can read daily, in short edition. Astrology is based upon observance of time, planetary movement, stars and skies in general.

It is one of the oldest sciences in civilized world. Back into past, it was a highly appreciated discipline and it was not until modern times it has become a pseudo science. In old times, it was the same with astronomy.

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Ancient civilizations would observe planets and stars, firmly believing that their movement affects overall life on earth. Many natural phenomena, such as tides, shifts of day and night and many more, are strongly connected with cosmic activity. With development of science and knowledge about the world, astrology kept its pace.

Today, astrology is somewhat cornered and it is not officially recognized as a science anymore. However, it is still something many people find interesting, useful and helpful. Horoscopes and zodiac signs are what interest us the most. An astrologer needs your date and time of birth, in order to deliver your natal chart.

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  4. Remember, horoscope is about observing the time. He or should would deliver an image of skies at the time of your birth, put into specific diagram.

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    This diagram or birth chart shows everything you need to know about your life and future. While people commonly expect straight answers on what will happen, astrology is not that accurate. It gives you insight into your potentials. It could tell you something about your love life, for example. If you want to know how well you fit with someone, you could have your birth chart compared with the one of the person you are interested in. However, some basic analyzes would help you, as well. Zodiac signs compatibility is the first step into further interpretation.

    By getting an idea of how one zodiac sign corresponds with the other, you could get a better image of your relationship with someone. Zodiac compatibility could actually help you understand why things go the way they go in particular relationship. Since you are here, you are probably either a Pisces man or a Taurus woman. Pisces man and Taurus woman are two very different personalities, but that does not mean this relationship is impossible.

    Man born under the sign of Pisces carries rather intriguing characteristics. He is, perhaps, one of the most intuitive male representatives of zodiac. Pisces man feels the world around him and has great insight into everything that is happening, as well as into people around. Pisces man is not likely to fall into depression, although many would say he appears somewhat gloomy and sad. He is a dreamer and a romantic; Pisces is a bit melancholic and he enjoys it. He is a very flexible and adjustable personality, perhaps the most adaptable of his kind, meaning the group of Water zodiac signs.

    He simply does not know how to lose. Pisces man is optimistic and he could always find the bright spot in the darkest of circumstances. Pisces man is deeply empathic and full of understanding for everyone. He has huge imagination, but still possesses enough of logic and reason that keep him down to earth. However, speaking with Pisces man, you will get an impression of talking to someone who dwells in two different worlds, in the same time. All Pisces are like that. He will listen to you, but, at the same time, he will see much deeper than you would like to be seen. The world of a Pisces is a kingdom of emotions; there are so many that it could become really complicated to understand a representative of this mysterious Water sign.

    Pisces man does not care much about what other people think about him. He enjoys his own imaginative world and is perfectly capable of taking good care of things important. However, he is not the steadiest of people. Pisces man is capable of making changes, choosing one way over the other and then changing his opinion again and so on and on.

    He is someone who values his emotional well-being and richness way more than material success and loads of money. He needs in his life people who understand that. Pisces man is usually very handy and capable of making things; it could eventually bring him incredible success in life. However, he does not open up easily or foolishly start a relationship. He enjoys exploring, analyzing, studying the person he is interested in.

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    He finds it enjoyable and easy to do all sorts of romantic gestures. He is an ultimate poet when it comes to speech of love. She is self-confident, dominant and stable. Taurus woman has opinions in everything and there is no way you could change her attitude and point of view. It would as if you are trying to move a mountain. Taurus woman does not give up her ideas, no matter how hard someone tries to show her other approaches, because she would feel it as a failure.

    Well, she does not like losing. Taurus woman is particularly sensitive when it comes to professional development. She is usually successful in private business, where she can control and dominate everything. She feels very good in leading position, but prefers to have everything in reach and to be in touch with everyone. She would not willingly coordinate a large company, but a smaller, cozier and more familiar one. However, work is indeed what she is obsessed with.