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Ponen la lavadora dos veces por semana. Ana plancha la ropa una vez a la semana. Darling, can you lay the table while I finish making the lunch? Just a moment, I'm hanging the mientras termino de hacer la comida? Un momento, estoy tendiendo la Husband: K, but we're going to have ropa. Vale, pero vamos a comer ahora Wife: Can you wash the dishes? Don't worry, I'll load the que irme a trabajar.

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What is the wife doing after lunch? The wife is loading the dishwasher. The wife is washing the dishes. The wife is going to work. Vocabulario y frases What's the weather like? Hay muchas nubes en el cielo. Hay hielo en la carretera. At last it's spring! The cold has finished and the allergies buen tiempo. Do you have allergies? Yes, in spring I can't stop sneezing.

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Yes, but I like spring. It's the season of love. Yes, and also it's close to the summer Julia: Which season of the year are they in? What happens in spring?

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In spring the good weather comes. In spring it's cold. In spring the leaves fall from the trees. What normally happens to Julia in spring? Julia has an allergy and can't stop sneezing. Julia falls in love easily. Las playas de California son muy famosas. Mykonos es una isla de Grecia. Los osos suelen vivir en cuevas. Madrid es una ciudad del interior.

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I'd like some sobre los viajes a Estados Unidos. Would you like to Pablo: I want to know the geography of the Empleado de la agencia: I see… desierta… Paul: I also want to go to a desert island… Empleado de la agencia: But there is a distancias son muy largas. I don't have a job, so I have lots of mucho tiempo… time. Empleado de la agencia: Aparte de tiempo, Travel agency employee: Where does Paul want to travel?

To the United States c.

Which of the following places does Paul want to see? Paul has lots of time, because…. Los cachorros siempre quieren jugar. Las tortugas son muy lentas. Los camaleones cambian de color. Because it's not ours. Porque no es nuestro. Yes it does, because it has a collar su nombre. Come on, I'll buy you a toy dog.

What does the child want to do? The child wants to take the collar off the dog. The child wants his mother to buy him a toy dog. The child wants to take a dog home. If a dog has a collar… a. What does the mother think about the idea of letting the dog sleep in her bedroom? She thinks the idea is fantastic. She doesn't like the idea. She likes the idea. No pises la tierra mojada. No tires piedras contra las ventanas.

Llena las macetas de tierra. Coge las flores por el tallo.

Can two Aquarius be together?

Look at the lovely flowers I've got. Yes, they're very nice. I've got red roses and daisies. Tengo rosas rojas y margaritas. Of course, here you are. Me quiere, no me quiere, me Mary: What does Claudia think about Mary's garden? Claudia is allergic to flowers. She thinks it's horrible. She thinks it's very nice. Which flower does Claudia like the best? Why does Claudia pull the petals off a daisy?

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Because she hates daisies. To find out whether her beloved loves her or not. Because she wants to divorce her husband. Tengo una residencia temporal en Niza. This flat is becoming too small for all Mujer: Yes, it is, but flats are too Marido: I'd like to live in a duplex flat or a Mujer: I prefer a bright attic in the city Marido: And, what about a country house as a Mujer: That sounds great, but, don't you Marido: So, we'd better think about Mujer: Entonces, es mejor que pensemos renovating the house.

Why do they want to change the house?

Because their house is too big. Because their house is too expensive.

Aquarius and Aquarius Compatibility

Because their house is too small for the whole family. Where does the husband want to live? The husband wants to live in a bright terraced house. The husband wants to live in a country house.